Butter Cookies 黄油曲奇

A very simple 3-ingredient basic butter cookie.

Ingredients 配料

Ingredient 配料Amount 用量Notes 备注
Butter 黄油230gEquals 2 sticks or 1 block
Flour 面粉250~460gAP flour will do just fine
Castor Sugar 细砂糖70~100gAmount as you prefer
Salt 盐3gOptional, amount as you prefer

Steps 步骤

  1. Soften butter
  2. Mix everything well into dough, keep mixture cool in the process
  3. Shape into cookies
  4. Bake at 180℃/150℃ with fan, for 12~15 minutes.

Notes 备注

  1. Less flour means softer crunchier cookies. I usually use 2-to-1 flour to butter weight ratio for firmer cookies (as shown in photo).
  2. To shape the cookies you can roll the dough into sheets and cut with a cookie cutter. Or shape into sticks or cylinders, refrigerate until firm, and cut into slices with knife.
  3. Cookies will expand during baking, so leave some space between each one
  4. Any unused dough can be frozen, up to several months.
  5. Grind sugar into a powder with a coffee grinder will make it very easy to be mixed.
  6. Adjust temperature and time according to your oven and your preference.

My 3D-printed simple cookie dough mold with draft angle for easy release. Use with plastic wrap to form dough into sticks for knife cutting.

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